Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jennifer Garner

This is a painting test that I just completed of Jen in Photoshop. I plan to do some more in-depth and complete paintings later on.

Here we go for Round four!
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Anonymous Lou Mareno said...

Jennifer Garner of ALIAS........
Great art work......Lou

5:22 AM, January 25, 2007  
Anonymous cesar said...

I love this drawing. I do have one minor problem and one major one but I will get to those last.

I just really want to start off with what works. Line quality, great stuff here. You really have used your marks to great effect to shape the planes of the face. Also, there is a general consistancy of line quality through out the piece so that it appears that you paid equal attention the the drawing as a whole. This has been a reaccuring anomoly in some of your past work. The proportions look very accurate throughout. I have always thought that you tend to draw rather large mouths on your females to push the idea of their bright smiles. This drawing conveys a very cheery smile without having to exagerate proportions. Part of that success is that you paid attention to other details of the face that are part of the smile and recreated them accurately. The squinting of the eyes and the raised cheeks are well emphasized and sell the expression, again without having to exagerate. Notice how you have been very selective of your use of white in this drawing...for the most part. You have placed a few marks on the forehead, cheeks and teeth and kept it well away from your darker marks. Also, the white is not as air brushed on as some of your other examples. Where you lost me on the use of white (this being my biggest problem with the drawing) is in the neck. Remember that the brighter things are the more they tend to come forward in space while darker things push back. Since her neck should be under and further back from the face it would stand to reason that it would be less likely to catch direct light. Also, her hair comes around the side, further sheltering it from the light. Yet you have applied the most amount of white highlites in this area, which when I look at the image as a whole it breaks the illusion of depth that you have going on through out the drawing. The brightest parts of the neck should be emphsized for the most part by the tone of the BG.

My only other little problem is the dark lines used around the eyes. It tends to work because she looks like she has makeup but I think you could have scaled the dark, thick lines back a bit. Again, this is a minor thing.

I wish I could have guessed the catagory cus I would have liked this drawing to go with my Rachel piece that I won on your first post!

12:09 PM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger shawn said...

Wow, great work Kyle! This is a great drawing and really stands out from the rest. Between this Portrait game and Ceasar's great long winded critiques you'll be a master in no time. Just remember, Kyle is the man!!

3:37 PM, January 25, 2007  

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